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Pond and Lake Management

Pond and lake management can not only increase the wildlife in the area but also provide fishing and enjoyment.

10 Point Wildlife provides pond and lake management and consultation services with on-site recommendations for the best use of your pond or lake. For a complete analysis of your needs, we can discuss our recommendations and provide the correct balance of fish and aquatic support to make your pond prosperous.

We develop a plan to help with location, erosion prevention, proper vegetation, and water quality.

A beautiful pond or lake not only enhances your property value, but will give you hours of enjoyment.

10 Point Wildlife's experts in aquaculture have over 30 years experience and can provide:
  • Fish Population Analysis
  • Biological Weed Control
  • Aquatic Herbicide Recomendations
  • Recomendations on Fish Stocking
  • Aeration
  • Fish Feeders
  • Planting recommendations

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